hOvershot Services

Safety First

safety when flying is priority

Our pilots fly our aerial drones in accordance with CAA (Civil Aviation Authority).

Aerial Photography

A different kind of view

A picture is worth a thousand words, the view we can get is unbelievable!

Aerial HD Video

Native 1080p @ 60-100fps

No longer do you need the Hollywood budget to get the shot you need.

The Benefits

So many, but here are a few

Less expensive, nimble and portable production, convenient, reliable and safe.

The benefits of using hOvershot

Quick & Easy Setup

With our aerial photography systems, we can be setup and ready to shoot in minutes. With the weather being unpredictable, sometimes you need the shot to be instantaneous.

Nimble & Manoeuvrable

We currently have a quad-copter capable of getting in close without being intrusive with our larger hexacopter build in development, for the larger scale projects.

Highly Portable

Whether you are wanting a hOvershot in the city, the suburbs or even in the bush, our aerial photography system is small enough to carry to even the most remote location.

Safety First

Our pilots fly our aerial photography systems in accordance with CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). If we deem it unsafe to operate our aerial systems for any reason, we will postpone until filming can proceed safely.


Taken from a web term "What you see is what you get" All of our aerial systems carry an FPV setup to shoot what you require, rather than guessing. This makes the cost and editing smaller.

Post Processing

hOvershot has an in-house design studio who have been operating for the past 16 years. With this advantage we have all the options available for post editing photographs and video.

HD Wide-screen Aerial Video

All of our video filiming is shot at a minimum of 1080p @ 60-100 frames per second, which gives smoother results for normal or slow motion playback.

Our multi-rotor aerial photography machines equipped with GPS modules allows for easier hovering to give the smoothest results.

Aerial Photography

While blimp or balloon photography or even hi-cam pole-shots give good results, the advantage of using hOvershot is we can shoot from any location with ease and efficiency.

Our multi-rotor copters can manoeuvre as close or as far away from the subject area. With the camera not being stationary, we can take 90 degree shots above the project.

Real Estate Aerials

Get the shot that sells the property...a hOvershot!

Landscape Panoramas

Low altitude aerial photography of beautiful landscapes.

Sporting Fixtures

Panoramic aerial shots of golf courses, playing fields or sports facilities.

Construction or Site Evaluation

Aerial imagery of construction sites make it easier to evaluate sites for further strategic planning or development.

hOvershot aerial portfolio

Here at hOvershot we take pride and enjoyment with all our projects. Please view samples below.

  • Auckland Aerial Landscape

    St Heliers, Auckland

    Aerial Landscape
  • Aerial Photography Auckland

    Tamaki Estuary

    Aerial Landscape
  • Aerial sports photography

    East City BMX Track

    Sport Facilities Aerial
  • Real estate aerial photography

    Stonefields Market Place

    Aerial Commercial Photography
  • Commercial aerial photography

    Highbrook Commerical Zone

    Aerial Commercial Photography
  • Aerial video service

    St Johns Commercial Zone

    Aerial Commercial Photography

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